Responsibility for our conduct

At RBC BlueBay, we have a client-first philosophy that is supported by a people-first culture internally where access and transparency are key to all that we do.

We also demonstrate accountability for our actions through transparency, operating with strong governance and ensuring we operate under an ethical framework, with all our stakeholders.

Under our Corporate Responsibility framework, we have committed to formally reporting on our progress against key performance indicators concerning our objectives.

Client relations

At the heart of our client-first philosophy is a continuous endeavour to empower our clients with the knowledge to help shape their investment decisions. This is why we operate with total transparency, with a focus on providing greater access to our investment teams.

Our specialist client and investment teams work closely with clients to ensure they are supporting them and delivering on their objectives. They do this by giving them access to their time and their intellectual capital and through regular meetings with both themselves, senior advisers at RBC BlueBay and with external experts in their field.

This culture of transparency and openness extends throughout the business, underscoring a core belief that with all areas of the business working together collaboratively as equals, this ultimately contributes to far greater levels of both client and employee satisfaction.

We are also of a size that we can be responsive and nimble, and therefore deliver tailored solutions comparatively quickly. Our agility means that we also have the flexibility to customise solutions to meet a specific client need.

Our clients also have the opportunity to attend events where they have access to up-to-date knowledge and views and can debate topical subjects.

Regulatory compliance and responsible business conduct

RBC BlueBay’s Compliance Manual addresses regulatory requirements as well as arrangements designed to promote regulatory compliance. The Manual is updated annually. RBC BlueBay employees are required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the Manual’s contents as well as commit to complying with its guidelines. In addition to RBC BlueBay’s Compliance Manual, RBC BlueBay employees are further required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of RBC’s code of conduct.

RBC BlueBay Compliance Manual includes RBC BlueBay’s internal code of conduct. RBC BlueBay’s code of ethics is also included in the Compliance Manual.

Four pillars

RBC BlueBay’s corporate responsibility framework is overseen by a Corporate Responsibility Committee and comprises four pillars: