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Our fixed income investment approach

BlueBay fixed income team

With teams based in the UK and US, we leverage our global expertise using advanced investment and risk-management tools, which allows us to make better investment decisions and manage our portfolios efficiently. Acting as an active, engaged, and responsible owner, we integrate ESG factors into applicable investment processes from a risk management perspective.

Our investment teams are committed to:
  • the pursuit of deep fundamental knowledge
  • collaboration
  • integrating advanced investment risk management tools
  • embracing innovation

The immense complexity of global markets requires an active and effective asset allocation strategy to preserve and grow wealth. We know that diversification is a critical element of long-term success, but that should involve much more than simply collecting and maintaining static exposures to a broad range of traditional asset classes.

By shifting relative weights of portfolio holdings, or by adding protecting or hedging, depending on the investment objectives, to reflect changes in factors that might relate to current and future values, volatilities and liquidity, tactical asset management can modify risk to an investment programme and preserve capital or increase returns.

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Our equity investment approach

Our robust and differentiated investment philosophies across our equity sub-asset classes provide bottom-up active investment strategies, specific to asset class opportunities, demonstrating our deep-rooted expertise.

Our investment teams are committed to the pursuit of deep fundamental knowledge, collaboration and innovation.

We integrate ESG factors into applicable investment processes and act as an active, engaged and responsible owner.

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