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Focusing on fundamentals: global equities in 2024

We see positive signs that the spotlight in 2024 will come back onto company fundamentals, the ultimate driver of long-term shareholder returns.

Jeremy Richardson 80 x 80.jpg
Jeremy Richardson
Mar 27, 2024

Malaysia: moving with the times

Malaysia’s national fruit, the durian, has been celebrated for its cultural significance for thousands of years, yet the country is also looking ahead

Veronique Erb 80 x 80.jpg
Veronique Erb
Apr 04, 2024

Unlocking markets: exploring the ESG landscape in fixed income investing

In this ‘Unlocking markets’ episode, we discuss the evolution of ESG, its role in fixed income products and the rise in ESG-labelled bonds issuance.

My-Linh Ngo 80 x 80.jpg
My-Linh Ngo
Apr 02, 2024

EM Debt: a bright spot in stormy skies

Polina discusses the opportunities and risks in EM debt, how geopolitics could impact the asset class this year, and what’s top of mind for investors.

P Kurdyavko 80 x 80.jpg
Polina Kurdyavko
Mar 21, 2024

Rate cut hopes get eclipsed by the data

Meetings with policymakers in Washington this week have underlined the resilience of US growth, with little discussion of the economy slowing at all.

Mark Dowding 80 x 80.jpg
Mark Dowding
Apr 12, 2024

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