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Global macro investing: making the complex simple

By building a simple, transparent and liquid discretionary global macro strategy, we seek to address the opaque, black box perceptions of old.

Russel Matthews 80 x 80.jpg.jpg
Russel Matthews
Jul 10, 2024

Reinstated confidence: Bank fundamentals, quality and profitability

Marc Stacey looks at the beneficial market environment for banking sector and the contribution of enhanced regulatory oversight.

Marc Stacey 80 x 80.jpg
Marc Stacey
Jul 10, 2024

China’s equity market outlook and structural opportunities for investors

China’s equity market and structural opportunities for investors.

Siguo Chen 80 x 80.jpg
Siguo Chen
Jul 12, 2024

Unlocking markets: Higher-for-longer in a high stakes year

In this ‘Unlocking markets’ episode, we take a view from across the pond on the US economy, drivers of bond markets, and the probable return of Trump.

A Skiba 80 x 80.jpg
Andrzej Skiba
Jun 18, 2024

Orange may be the colour of the moment, but at least England overcame the Dutch at the Euros!

France’s elections ended in a surprise, UK politics seem set for a calmer period, and interest is building ahead of the upcoming BoJ policy meeting.

Mark Dowding 80 x 80.jpg
Mark Dowding
Jul 12, 2024

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