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The changing face of emerging markets

Nothing stands still for long in emerging markets. We look at where opportunities lie, and some key themes driving change across the asset class.

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Anthony Kettle
May 03, 2024

Poland: back on track

In our Poland ‘Notes from the road’ we look at how reforms and EU funds could unlock higher growth and help lead the country into a brighter future.

Guido Giammattei 80 x 80.jpg
Guido Giammattei
May 01, 2024

Polina’s Perspective: Mexico – the art of transformation

Following a trip to Mexico City, Polina discusses possible solutions for the debt sustainability of the country’s largest state-owned oil company.

P Kurdyavko 80 x 80.jpg
Polina Kurdyavko
Apr 23, 2024

South Africa: Lights off, but is the future brighter?

South Africa’s imminent election is making headlines but its economic outlook remains bleak. Our ‘Notes from the Road’ gives a view from the ground.

Phil Langham 80 x 80.jpg
Phil Langham
May 02, 2024

Drown and out

Political developments dominated newsflow this week, with a drenched and drowned out Prime Minister Sunak announcing a General Election for 4th July.

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Mark Dowding
May 24, 2024

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