Emerging markets debt

A multi-layered approach for a broad & evolving asset class

Higher secular growth rates and spread pick-up in emerging markets are characteristics that can offer investors a compelling risk/return profile relative to developed markets.

At RBC BlueBay Asset Management, we evaluate backwards-looking data but place greater emphasis on forward-looking risk, which could be driven by socio-political developments, policy decisions, economic data surprises or regulatory changes.

We have been investing in emerging markets since 2002 and offer active long-only, total-return and alternative solutions across sovereign and corporate debt, in both hard and local currency.


Emerging markets sovereign debt

Our approach is to 'think like a policymaker'. Through our proprietary bottom-up research, we develop forecasts for sovereign credit spreads, interest rates and currencies. Taking into consideration how these forecasts interact, we develop a broader picture of potential outcomes across the asset class.


Emerging markets corporate debt

The corporate universe is large and growing in both size and liquidity. However, given the historic lack of engagement from the investment community and the relatively small dedicated investor base, we believe pricing anomalies still exist. Our reputation as an emerging markets dedicated buy-side manager provides the potential to engage with local government officials and corporate issuers.

Our fundamentally driven, research-intensive investment process is designed to seek out these mispriced securities and generate alpha.


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