Investment grade

We are fundamental investors: this is the key component of our success

We have a wider investment toolkit compared to many of our peers – as well as fundamentals, we consider technicals and valuations, while incorporating policy, politics and macro analysis to give a top-down element to a fundamentally bottom-up driven decision-making process.

Our active investment approach is born out of our broad understanding of the investment-grade universe in both corporate and government debt.

This allows us to construct portfolios that aim to minimise credit risk while seeking to generate compelling returns by expressing investment ideas and themes across the risk spectrum.

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“Research is at the heart of everything we do – it’s the bedrock of our analysis. Through this we come up with ideas on alpha sources, which drive our investment performance.”

Mark Dowding

Chief Investment Officer

Alternatives heritage

Established in 2001, offering a blend of traditional and alternative investment strategies, RBC BlueBay was one of Europe’s first specialist alternative credit managers, focused on investment grade since 2002. An innovative mindset allows us to identify long and short opportunities across a universe of alpha sources, over economic cycles, and consistently add value for clients.

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“By looking at credits and sectors on a global basis, we can help our clients generate more alpha. The way we do it is by spotting trends in one geography that could impact credits in another geography and seamlessly implementing those trade views within our portfolios.”

Andrzej Skiba

Head of US Fixed Income

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