Emerging markets equity

Disciplined security selection and risk management, combining top-down thematic views with rigorous company-level research and ESG integration.

We seek to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing in high conviction portfolios of emerging markets equity securities. We offer three distinct disciplines: Quality, Value and Small-cap.

All strategies benefit from one investment team and research platform, and we pride ourselves on deep fundamental analysis with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) considerations at its core. While stock selection is the main driver of both risk and returns, this is complemented by detailed thematic research which drives top-down positioning and ensures the portfolios are positioned in areas of long-term structural growth.

Investment philosophy

We believe that emerging markets are inefficient and therefore provide attractive investment opportunities for diligent, informed, long-term investors. We aim to take advantage of the short-term focus of capital markets and invest in quality businesses with long-term growth.

We have three components to our core philosophy:
  • Strong management is fundamental to a stock’s performance
  • Quality franchises outperform over time
  • Sustainability matters and companies should take a long-term view of their businesses

ESG in our investment process

We have been integrating ESG into our investment philosophy and process since inception in 2010 and ESG forms a big part of the research that we do. ESG factors are particularly critical to emerging markets because of the growing demographic and resource challenges they face.

We believe that ESG criteria should be considered in the same way as traditional financial criteria in terms of their capacity to affect shareholder value and therefore long-term investment performance. In our view, companies with responsible ESG practices generally have lower risk, lower cost of capital and higher, more sustainable, returns.

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“Environmental, social and governance factors and sustainability-related reforms are becoming increasingly important for countries in emerging markets.”

Phil Langham

Head of RBC Emerging Markets Equity and Senior Portfolio Manager

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