Pension fund trustees

Sophisticated alpha-driven solutions that answer today’s investment challenges

Complex objectives sometimes require ground-breaking solutions. Alongside our fund offering, we partner with our clients to build bespoke investment solutions that evolve in line with market dynamics and deliver on their objectives.


How it works

  • We work together – you bring your goals, objectives & constraints to us; we hone, refine and guide, drawing on expert thinking from across the firm.
  • We don’t commit to unsustainable ideas – we want our partnerships to last for the long term, hence integrity is of upmost importance to us.
  • We are honest – our investment experts know their markets; if what you’re looking for can’t be done, they will guide you to a tenable solution.
  • We aim to optimise your return targets – as alpha generators through bull and bear markets, we thrive on a challenge.
  • We constantly adapt and evolve – we listen to our clients, so together we can deliver excellence.

Investment expertise

Our investment expertise is characterised by our specialist fixed income credentials and broad-based equity capabilities, plus integrated ESG approach and impact investing strategies, enabling us to respond to a full range of client requirements around responsible investing.

We design investment strategies and provide investment insights to meet client needs and focus on partnership, transparency and engagement to make clients’ lives easier.

Our fixed income specialisms

Operating as one investment team, we are experts in 7 fixed income sub-asset classes with 134 professionals dedicated to research, analysis, portfolio management, construction and trading.

Our equity specialisms

We focus on 6 equity sub-asset classes with 45 investment professionals.

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